Saturday, March 21, 2015

Parent Communication

In order to begin sharing the things that I find useful, exciting, and altogether posting worthy for a classroom teacher, this is my first blog.  Thank you for taking the time to read/follow me, and - my ultimate hope is that you will find something useful that you can use to help make a positive impact in your students' lives, or in the lives of your own children.

In today's busy times - no one wants to take the time to read a newsletter, let alone type one up.  So - the way to keep parents and invested parties abreast of the current events in the classroom I have found a couple of great and easy apps!

Image result for icon for remind1)  Remind :  Remind is a super easy app to use.  If you can text, you can Remind.  Simply have students' families download the app and then join using your unique class code.   This is a great way to send reminders to parents for Picture Day, field trip deadlines, or celebrations within the classroom.

* Administrators - you can use Remind to surprise staff members with a jean's day or altered hours to building access due to inclement weather!

Image result for icon for class dojo
2) Class Dojo: Class Dojo takes the teacher and the parents/guardians to a whole new level of being able to 'check in' on their student's behavior during the day.  Data is instant, reports are user friendly, and students love working towards personal goals in earning points for positive behavior and teacher set goals.  Invested parties would join your class using a unique code and from the app on their phones can not ONLY check on their children's daily progress, but also safely text message the teacher and the teacher can safely text message the parents without phone
numbers ever being exchanged!

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